Terms and Conditions
The quality of the fabric sold by Ginny's Fine Fabrics is guaranteed.  If fabric is flawed or not of the quality stated in the web site, your purchase price will be promptly  refunded, or a replacement will be made.

Ginny's Fine Fabrics is truly a ‘Full Service’ fabric store.  To make sure you get just what you really want, we offer the following services:

Fabric sampling. Our inventory is vast and your needs are specific.  Let us know what type and color of fabric you are looking for, and we will send you a swatch selection that will be sure to help you out.  Perhaps you have  a fabric already in your stash which is begging to be a garment, and needs a coordinate or two. Send us a swatch of your piece and tell us what you have in mind and we will swatch accordingly in the color range you request. You will have the luxury of choosing while actually touching the fabric!  We charge $1 per sample, which will be credited to your next purchase.  If you are ordering samples on-line, the fee will be charged to your card.  If ordering by phone or by mail, your samples will be sent out upon receipt of your check or credit card number.

Button sampling: For the "finishing touch" to your garment, send a swatch of the fabric you're working on and describe the garment it will become, and we will send you a scan of an assortment of buttons from our vast collection that will complete the look.  Choose from the scan, and we will send you as many of the real thing as you wish to see ‘in person’.  Your button choices will be charged to your card, and the credit for any buttons you return within 7 business days will be applied to your order.

Special ordering: If you have need for a special kind or amount of fabric, call (507) 285-9134 and discuss it with the people at Ginny's.  We can frequently special order larger quantities (for wedding parties for example) or unusual qualities.  Ginny has far more in the shop that she could ever put on the web site, so give a call.  Special orders are subject to the following conditions.  The fabric must be available from one of our regular suppliers, you must agree to take at least half of the bolt (amount will vary with the particular fabric), and one half of the total payment must be received before the order is placed with the supplier.

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